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This short break is to ground you – 4 nights with activities, half board and spa

Welcome to enjoy calmness and pure winter. Pamper yourself with relaxing and panoramic spa experiences after exciting nature activities! Enjoy a proper husky safari and snowmobile safari!

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Finnish National parks, cottage accommodation and essential winter activities - self drive tour ( 7 nights)

Lakeland winter tour within national parks. Accommodate in cosy cottages. Fishermen's fishing day by snowmobile, huskies, reindeer, smoke sauna and wilderness food!

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8 days Husky Holiday - Be a musher of Bears trail

Welcome to enjoy a wintry week with huskies, ride long safaris, stay in comfortable wilderness cabin, small groups and professional guiding. 

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3 nights private Husky Adventure - Experience the life of Husky adventurer

Participate in  3 nights practicing trip and know what husky hobby is about. With professional musher, guide and chef the adventure will be exciting and comfortable experience!

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Three National Parks Self-Drive tour – Enjoy the nature ( 7 nights)

This tour is an easily accessible wilderness experience for those who would like to discover pure nature without surviving. A mix of service and self-guiding within national parks.

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Pearls of wilderness - Visit and experience three wilderness lifestyles ( 5 nights)

Huskies, wildlife watching, river rafting, local people and culture. Visit three special lifestyles in wilderness. Let the ease of their lifestyle stuck into you and inspire with the nature!

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Welcome to travel and discover true Finland  - Let us inspire you with nature

Welcome to experience true Finland. It is our pleasure to organize unforgettable holidays and experiences for individuals and groups to go off the beaten tracks. Our destinations, tours and holidays are carefully selected pearls, designed by local knowledge. Out from crowd and filled with nature of locals and environment.  

 Within our tours you will most likely enjoy the activities and experiences in small groups or privately.
We'll service you personally with local knowledge and passion to offer unforgettable authentic experiences. Our guests are taken care from the very beginning of your trip planning until the very end of your trip. 

Lapland, Lakeland and Archipelago. Cabins, saunas, lakes and national parks. Enjoy the nature and simple activities, or choose the best of outdoor activities. Guided or independent tours, just as you wish.

Choose a suitable tour or holiday - Or send us a request and let us inspire you with nature! 

 Welcome to experience Finnish nature without crowd with locals!
Travel Finland Company - visit Finland

When you book a holiday with us, we take responsibility for the climate and plant a new tree for every booking. Let´s take care of our planet together!

Cottage holidays

Everyone should experience Finnish cottage life for one week without any plans and enjoy the natural entertainment... Or fill your days with additional activities!

An Authentic Winter Wonderland | Cosy, Private Winter Cottage (7 Nights)

Book a traditional cottage with rental car for one week. Relax and enjoy the entertainment of nature and your imagination, or book optional activities. Definitely a recommendable Holiday!

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Finnish summer cottage with rental car/ 7 nights

Welcome to enjoy the light Finnish summer in our way. Escape to private cottage, a cosy hideout by lake in Finnish countryside. Stop, relax and enjoy long summer days!

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Fishing Holiday - Self guided with cottage, motor boat and rental car / 7 nights

Spend a week on lake Pielinen catching pikes, perches and pike-perches. Private cottage, car and motor boat enables your group own privacy in beautiful wilderness close to basic services.

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Private all inclusive Fishing Holiday - 4 nights.

Escape fishing! Focus 100% for fishing in wilderness with local professional fishing guide. Stay in private cottage and enjoy full board, privately made for you, most likely from your own catch!

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Winter Cabin Holiday - Arctic Activities in Tranquility / 7 nights

This holiday is a perfect mix of free time and the best wilderness activities! Huskies, snowmobiles, smoke sauna & ice dipping, snowshoeing, ice fishing, spa and dinner in tipi hut by open fire.

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Book now your own  winter holiday and sauna experiences!

We want to offer you unforgetable finnish nature expriences. Sauna with lake views, Nothern Lights, forests and the best of outdoor activities! 

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Day as a Husky Musher | Private Tour

Meet Juha and his furry friends!

Visit a professional husky musher and adventurer at his home. Juha’s family includes 16 Alaskan huskies! They live and practice together for long competitions.

Now you can see what a musher’s everyday life and practice with sled dogs is all about. Take part in a musher’s life!

Juha will take you along for a practice ride in beautiful winter sceneries. The sled safari is approximately 20 kilometres long. You can ride your own pack or enjoy the safari sitting on a sled and observing the landscapes and Juha’s cooperation with the pack!

Location: Kontiolahti

Time: Daily, according to your wishes

Avilable: 1 January to 31 March 2020

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4-Hour Husky Adventure

Enjoy a husky safari in a spectacular wintry landscape with forest and lake views!

On this safari, you’ll ride your own husky pack for approximately 20 kilometres. The guide will teach you how to ride the pack, and once everything is clear, it is time to start the journey into the snow-white land! The dogs and guides are very experienced, so prior experience is not required from you.

And off course, you have time to familiarize yourself with the dogs and to take photos. The journey is taken in pairs: while one of you is a musher, the other can enjoy the ride and take photos in the sled. Halfway, you’ll stop for lunch, and after that you can switch places! Children can join and sit on a parent’s lap in the sled.

Location: Nurmes or Koli

Time: Daily, according to your wishes

Avilable: 1 January to 31 March 2020

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Private Smoke Sauna and Wilderness Dining by a Fire

Let a wilderness chef prepare you a 3-course meal using traditional and seasonal ingredients, mostly from our local nature. As you are our guest, the menu is always designed according to your preferences in hospitable Karelian fashion. While the chef prepares the food, you can enjoy the heat of a traditional smoke sauna and take a dip in Lake Pielinen if you dare!

After the sauna and swimming, it is a perfect time to step into a cosy tipi-style hut for a private wilderness-style dinner!

Location: Koli

Time: Daily, according your wishes

Avilable: Year around

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Snowshoeing in Koli National Park | Get the Koli Spirit

Koli National Park offers spectacular landscapes for snowshoeing. With a professional local guide, you will learn about the history, culture and nature of Koli. On this easy and calm snowshoeing tour you'll understand why the scenery became one of Finland’s official national landscapes.

The tour is led in a relaxing pace, so you will have time to enjoy the wintry nature, take photos and get into the Koli spirit. The snowshoeing distance is 2–3 kilometres, including a break for hot drinks and snacks.

Location: Koli

Time: Daily, according to your wishes

Avilable: 1 January to 31 March 2020

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River Rafting and Local Delicacies

This tour is a perfect mix of adventure and local food culture!

Jump on a raft and glide down the rivers at the beautiful Ruunaa nature area. With a professional guide, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush safely even without previous white water rafting experience. On this journey, you’ll raft down three main rapids and on calmer waters between them. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the fantastic nature and listen to your guide’s stories and information.

This adventure is suitable for sunny or rainy days, as you’ll probably get a bit wet anyway. The tour includes wetsuits, but it is best to bring a set of clothes with you. After tons of fun on the rivers, it feels lovely to change into dry clothes and sit around a table full of North Karelia’s traditional delicacies! A Ruunaa rafting tour is famous among locals as well, so you have a great chance to familiarize yourself with North Karelians! The tour is available for groups of 6 or more participants. If you are a solo traveller, you can always join a departing group of other rafters.

Locations: Lieksa

Time: Daily, according to your wishes

Available: 1 May to 30 September 2020

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Wildlife Watching – Spend a Night in a Wildlife Watching Hut

Welcome to Eero's Wildlife Lodge of Keljanpuro Brook! The staff invites you to their cosy, eco-friendly lodge.

Enjoy the taste of fresh welcoming coffee, a Karelian pasty and a sweet bun and listen to a story about the place you’re visiting. The staff introduces you to the principles of wildlife watching to make sure your experience and chances of seeing wolverines, bears, wolves or other animals is as good as possible. The lodges are hidden in the wilderness, the natural habitat of these wild animals, so you have a great chance of seeing them. Of course, it cannot be guaranteed because wild animals roam the woods as they wish. The most often seen wild visitors are wolverines and bears. Wolves, foxes, white-tailed eagles and even lynx are also often spotted by wildlife watchers. Nature hosts an exciting show, and you never know what animals show up and when!

After first greetings and an introduction, the guide takes you to a watching hut. There are comfortable seats and a panoramic view to the lake area, where wolverines, bears and other animals keep visiting. Sit down and listen to the serene symphony of nature sounds. Relax and observe a show put on by Mother Earth herself!

You have until next morning to witness the predators, the Finnish “nightless” night and the life all around you. Enjoy the snacks prepared by the staff and take a nap in a bed if you dare.

You'll notice how mindful you feel after staying quiet and being so close to nature and its animals!

*There is an earth closet and a room for quiet moving at the hut to make you feel comfortable all the time.

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