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Who we are and what we do!

Finland Travel Company is a travel agency that makes Finland’s finest pearls available to anyone looking for authentic meetings and experiences. Lots of nature, adventures, local people, culture and history. We keep discovering exciting new places around Finland and want to offer you a chance to find those secret spots, meet local people who are willing to help you personally and enhance your travel experience in Finland. We prefer unbeaten tracks, privacy and the relaxing influence of rural areas!

Choose from self-guided tours, cottage holidays, half-guided or guided experiences—just as you prefer. Whether you are a solo traveller, big group or family, we are more than happy to organise an unforgettable Finnish experience according to your special interests.

At your service:

We are Juha and Anni from Finland, more specifically the North-Karelia area. A thousand lakes, fresh air, clean water and beautiful forest landscapes. We enjoy pristine nature by doing both simple and extreme things in perfect balance. Whatever we do, we make it comfortable and enjoyable!

Juha is a husky musher, adventurer and arctic guide. He spends his free time riding his dog sled and letting everyday worries fade away in nature. Wilderness cabins and tents in the middle of nowhere are the most enjoyable places on Earth for Juha!

Anni loves to relax by doing simple things. Bike trips, water sports, ice skating, cross-country skiing, fishing, sailing and lying in a hammock surrounded by a beautiful landscape—that’s the good life! A cottage or hammock at a gorgeous natural setting is Anni’s go-to place whenever possible. After spending years in big cities, Anni is convinced that Finnish cottage life, nature and tranquillity are things that everyone should experience.

We are not the only ones who feel this way. Many Finns spend their holidays at their cottages, relaxing in nature and living the simple life. We absolutely think that a Finnish cottage holiday is the most relaxing holiday! Finland’s four seasons offer a lot of variety during the year. Warm, “nightless” summer nights, winters amidst the deep snow, colourful autumns and lively springs!

Let us inspire you with nature!

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