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Within this safari you’ll ride your own husky pack approximately 20km. The guide will teach you to ride the pack and once everything is clear, it is time to start the journey into the white land! The dogs and guides are well experienced, so earlier experience is not needed.

And off course, you have time to familiarize the dogs and take photos. The journey is made in pairs, while other one is a musher, other one can enjoy and take photos in the sledge. In the middle way you'll stop for a lunch and after that the places can be swapt! Children can join on the laps in sledge with parent.

Locations: Koli & Nurmes

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Riding length: approx. 20km, 2 hours

Includes: Familiarizing to the huskies, introduction to the hobby, 2 hours safari, lunch

Level: Easy (Children can join with parent)

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