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Wildlife Photography | Immortalise Wild Animals from a Cosy Wilderness Hut

Welcome to Eero's Wildlife Lodge of Keljanpuro Brook! Here you can capture wild animals in their natural surroundings with your camera! The staff invites you to their cosy, eco-friendly lodge.

Enjoy the taste of fresh welcoming coffee, a Karelian pasty and a sweet bun and listen to a story about the amazing place Eero has built. The staff introduces you to the principles of wildlife watching and photography to make sure your experience and chances of seeing wolverines, bears, wolves and other animals is as good as possible.

The special photography huts are hidden in the wilderness, the natural environment of these wild animals. The most often seen animals in summer are wolverines and bears. Wolves, foxes, white-tailed eagles and even lynx are also often spotted by visitors. Nature puts on an exciting show, and the midnight sun ensures that you'll see it. You never know what animals show up and when—you have a great chance of seeing wild animals, but there is no guarantee, because animals roam the woods as they wish. Anyhow, staying still and quiet in a comfortable hut in the middle of a forest is definitely a relaxing and exciting experience. There are comfortable seats and a panoramic view to the lake area, where the wolverines, bears and other animals keep visiting. Sit down and listen to the serene symphony of nature sounds. Relax and observe a show put on by Mother Earth herself!

You have until next morning to witness the predators, the Finnish “nightless” night and the life all around you. Enjoy the snacks prepared by the staff and take a nap in a bed if you dare.

You'll notice how mindful you feel after staying quiet and being so close to nature and its animals!

The professional photography hides are located in lake, fen and forest landscapes. The cabins are situated at the level of the animals’ paths, and a good shooting distance from the cabins is 2–80 metres. There are 8–10 different photography cabins and about 30 photography blinds. The cabins have fastening bolts for ball heads and lens supports.

*There is an earth closet and a room for quiet moving to make you feel comfortable at all times.

  • Price: 198€ / person - Price: €198/person
  • Min. 1 persons
  • Max. 10 persons
  • Welcoming coffee
  • Introduction to the company
  • Guidance and tips for a successful experience
  • Snacks for the night
  • Breakfast
  • Photography blinds
  • Sleeping bags

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