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Fishing Holiday - Self guided with cottage, motor boat and rental car / 7 nights

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The inland waters of Finland make the most extensive expanse of unbroken lake in Europe, offering an endless selection of rich fishing grounds. There are over 30 lakes that are greater than 100 sq. Km in size, including a rugged and pristine wilderness lake Pielinen with its numerous islands. The lake is rich in big pikes and over 10-kilo specimens are caught yearly. It’s also home to landlocked salmon, brown trout, perch and pike-perches.

The view from Ukko – Koli peak to lake Pielinen is the most well-known national heritage scenery in Finland with the string of ridge islands – a true pleasure for eye. But for anglers it offers much more pleasure!

The professional fishing guides have fished the lake for years and knows the best spots and methods to use. On your arrival, the guide will bring your boat and share local knowledge for your use! In addition, you can order a special guiding for day, half day or even whole visit according your preferences. Also day trips to other fishing waters are available – for example by fishing kayak!

Choose the most suitable cottage for your companion and enjoy a fishing holiday in your own privacy. Cook your catch or eat in local restaurants. This is suitable for experienced fishers.

Starting point: Joensuu or Lappeenranta


♦ Private well-equipped cottage with private beach and sauna

♦ Rental car with unlimited mileage

♦ Motorboat(s): delivered to the cottage: Terhi 445C or similar

  • Length 4,5m ( suitable for 4 persons, maximum 5 persons)
  • Honda outboard motor: 30 horspower
  • Fathometer-Plotter
  • 5 x Fishing rod holder
  • * Fuel not included

♦ Fishing gears if needed

♦ Rowing boat


1400€/ person when 2 persons

950€/ person when 3 persons

800€/ person when 4-6 persons

Ask for tailor made fishing holidays!

Following activities are available in location

  • River Rafting and Local Delicacies
  • Wildlife Watching – Spend a Night in a Wildlife Watching Hut
  • Catch Calmness | Guided Fishing Day with Fishing Kayaks
  • Wildlife Photography | Immortalise Wild Animals from a Cosy Wilderness Hut
  • Private Wilderness Dining by an Open Fire

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