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3 nights private Husky Adventure - Experience the life of Husky adventurer


Welcome to experience the life of local husky adventurer who practice for long length competitions! Now you have a chance to participate in 3 nights practicing trip and know what husky hobby is about. With professional musher, guide and chef the adventure will be exciting and comfortable experience!
Professional local husky musher will teach you how to ride the sledge and take care of the pack, so earlier experience is not needed. This experience is a true musher experience with much more than just sledding. You will learn about the dogs and the hobby, what it is all about when riding hundreds of kilometers in winter conditions. In addition, there is a private wilderness chef with you all the time, making sure you’ll have tasty local style meals. As the trip is private, you’ll definitely learn and experience a lot!
North-Karelian nature offers you epic scenes, lakeland and wilderness, covered by snow. There you can enjoy nature without crowd!

Day 1- Familiarize to sled dogging

  • Guided pick up from Joensuu and ride to Ruunaa nature area (120km)
  • Accommodation in private cottage with sauna.
  • During the first day you will learn the basics of sledding and ride already approximately 20km.
  • In the evening a private 3-course wilderness dinner made by open fire!

Day 2. – To the wilderness

  • After breakfast, it is time to start the adventure and head to wilderness through cabin.
  • Riding distance is 20-60km depending on the dogs, participants and weather conditions.
  • Late lunch, sauna, time for snowshoeing and dinner. A professional chef takes care of the meals.

Day 3. – Back to the starting point

  • After breakfast, it is time to return to the starting point using different route. Driving distance is 20-60km depending on the dogs, participants and weather conditions.
  • At the private cottage you’ll have a late lunch, sauna and dinner made by wilderness chef.
  • Optional snowmobile safari (from 130€/person)

Day 4.

  • Breakfast and return transfer
  • Min. 2 persons
  • Available 14.12.2019 - 31.3.2020



First and last nights in private cottage with sauna by Ruunaa rapids:

Cottage is equipped with: Stove, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, tableware, dishwasher, cold and hot water, sewer, bedclothes (no linens), TV, radio, fireplace, sauna, shower and WC. One double bedroom/lounge on downstairs, upstairs beds for three.

Second night in wilderness cabin in Ruunaa nature

An authentic experience without elecricity and running water. There is a Sauna for bathing. Basic beds and sleeping in camping style. Sleeping bags and mattresses. Guide is in your service taking care you.


  • Own pack for 2 persons. One rides and other one is in the sledge. Drivers are changed.
  • Day 1: Learning the basics, approximately 20km riding.
  • Day 2: Riding to the wilderness. 20-60km according participants, dogs and weather conditions.
  • Day 3: Riding back to the cottage. 20-60km according participants, dogs and weather conditions


There is a private chef taking care of the meals, privately for the group. The meals are prepared by open fire using mostly ingredients from finnish nature. Menus are designed according clients diets and tastes

  • Day 1:  3- course wilderness dinner. Snacks, coffee and tea.
  • Day 2. Breakfast, late lunch, snacks and 3- course wilderness dinner by open fire.
  • Day 3. Breakfast, late lunch, snacks and 3- course wilderness dinner by open fire.
  • Day 4. Breakfast


From Joensuu to Ruunaa and from  Ruunaa to Joensuu



Snowmobile safari on day 3:  From 130 € / person, 65 € / passanger. 


*ask for tailored private safaris in different lengths

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