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Pearls of wilderness - Visit and experience three wilderness lifestyles ( 5 nights)


Starting point: Joensuu

Visit three enthusiastic locals and their special lifestyles in wilderness. Let the ease of their lifestyle stuck into you and get inspired by the nature!

In the very east, close to Russian border you’ll find Simone and her pack of more than 100 huskies! Simone has come from Switzerland to this wilderness place to enable the lifestyle she loves! Welcome to see what the musher life is about, spend time with huskies and learn about them. You can have a hike with huskies, take part to the feeding and swimming! Enjoy the nature by paddling, hiking and biking. As the place is small, you’ll get personal guidance and service according your wishes. The stuff from around the world has decided to stay in this wilderness lodge, you’ll understand why! – 2 nights at Simone’s place is recommended for full experience!

Rauni won a national master of raft paddling 1989 and decided that she wants to offer that kind of experiences to others. Now a days she does rafting tours in scenic nature of Ruunaa natural park and hosts her own lodges with a real Karelian hospitality. This lady is full of ideas and known in the area as a person.
Experience the wild waters of Ruunaa and raft them down in safe atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty. Enjoy food in Karelian style, relax in smoke sauna and feel what is living close to nature. With tight schedule, one night is fine but in two days you’ll have more time for hiking, berry picking, fishing and just relaxing!

Eero has his own wilderness lodge that is designed for wildlife photography and watching. Forest and nature is home to Eero and you will feel that! Nowadays Eero has built comfortable and ecological facilities to enable everybody to meet the predators, such as wolverines, bears and even wolfs, safely in their natural environment. The place has raised with respect towards our nature and animals, and that is what you’ll feel! There are special huts designed for photographing and special huts designed for observation and relaxing in nature. At Eero’s place you’ll spend overnight in those wilderness huts. In Finland, the summer night are nightless enabling perfect chance for spotting a predator in its own environment. In the huts you will have snacks to eat, beds to sleep if you dare and earth closets. Listen and watch the exciting and calming show of nature! – We recommend staying two nights at Eero’s place to maximize your chance to witness the animals. In this place your chance to spot a predator is excellent, but because of nature, cannot be guaranteed. Anyhow, the place is awesome for relaxing and forest bathing!

After staying awake wondering the nightless night and show of nature, it is lovely to head to Koli. Relax in panoramic spa and have a 3-course dinner within beautiful view over lake Pielinen and its islands. After well slept night and breakfast buffet, you can have a little hike to witness the national view of Finland.
If you wish, you can optionally continue your time in Koli or just head towards home and new adventures.


Day 1. - Huskies and nature activities

Welcome to visit Simone and her pack of more than 100 huskies! This day you will spend with huskies and their care taker! Visit the kennel, have a walk with husky, swim with huskies and take part to the feeding of the dogs! Basically, learn a lot about the huskies and the lifestyle!

After that you have free time and free use of bikes and canoes. The place offers spectacular nature to explore on land and on lake! After an active day, enjoy a dinner. Maybe swim in the fresh lake and experience sauna!

Day 2. To the nature - Berry picking and outdoor activities!

After breakfast, it is time to enjoy the wilderness!

A trip to wilderness and a lunch in nature! You can choose to make the trip into the nature by bike, canoe or hiking, what ever you prefer. And, if the weather is not too hot, some huskies may join you if you choose bike or hike! Enjoy the trip with a professional guide in a small group. Pick some treats of nature: blueberries, mushrooms, lingonberries. Within the nature tour, you will be served a lunch in nature! The staff knows the nature and area and will guide you all way. In addition, the bikes and canoes are in your use for all day to continue self-guided trips!

In the evening, you’ll have a dinner in the cosy restaurant of Simone’s place!

Day 3. Towards Wild Water and Rauni’s place

Once you have enjoyed your breakfast, it is time to move towards Rauni’s Lodge. After approximately 1 hour driving in beautiful forest and lake scenes you’ll arrive to Rauni’s lodges. Accommodate yourself into a private tipi style hut with scenic river view. Shower will be at sauna and earth closets outside, simple life!

Around midday, it is time to get ready for the wild rafts! The staff teaches you the essentials of rafting, helps you to wear suitable clothing and gears. On warm days, swimsuit is enough. There are wet clothes if needed.

You’ll be taken on the top of the rafts, and then start an adventure back to Rauni’s huts! 3 rafts with wild fresh water ensure you’ll experience the power of nature. In between, you can breathe deeply and sense the atmosphere. The guide will tell you about the area and nature. It is also possible to float the rafts if you dare!

Once you get back from the rafts, it is time for traditional North-Karelian table with blazed salmon, Karelian pasties, salads etc.

Finish your day with sauna experience and swimming! – After all that, sweet dreams!

Day 4. Wildlife observing or photographing at Eero’s place!

After breakfast it is time to continue to chase wild animals such as wolverines, bears and even wolfs! After approximately 45min driving via countryside and wilderness you will arrive to EräEeros wilderness lodge.You can enjoy lunch and buy some snacks on your way from small city Lieksa or order lucng to Eeroäs place.

At 2pm the stuff welcomes you to Keljänpuro lodge with welcoming coffee and pasty. You’ll have a introduction of the company and wildlife watching/photographing.

Around 3pm the staff will give you your night snack box and take you to your watching/photographing hut. A comfortable hut without electricity, it is time to enjoy the show of nature! For your comfort, there is bunk bed, sleeping bags and pillows, earth closet.

Get settled, relax, read, have a nap but make sure you’ll be waked up in case the predators arrive. Let yourself chillax in forest, wonder the nightelss night and its habitants. Just enjoy.

Day 5. Relax in the spirit of Koli national park - gentle return from nature

Next morning, around 8am the staff will come and take you back to Keljänpuro brooke for breakfast. You have time to ask questions and chat with the stuff. After breakfast, it is time to continue!

*as the animals are observed in their natural environment, seeing them cannot e guaranteed. The possibility for wolverine or brown bear is approximately 90%. If you want to make your chances even better, you can also stay for an extra night with day resting room.

It is time to slowly get used to modern life. Spend your last days in essential destination, Koli national park. If you have energy, discover the well marked tracks and views of Koli national park. After staying awake to witness the show of nature, you can enjoy panoramic Koli spa and restaurant.

Day 6. Time to continue!

After well slept night and fulfilling breakfast buffet you can have an easy climb to Ukko-Koli to witness the national view of Finland. Take the Koli spirit with you before continuing towards home or other adventures.

We are happy to extend your stay if you wish to explore more!

  • Min. 2 persons
  • Available 15.5.2020 - 25.8.2021


Rental Car ( VW polo or similar) - Unlimited mileage

Accommodation & Meals:

2 Nights at Eräkeskus – in double room with private bathroom&shower ( basic amenities )

  • 2 x breakfast, 1 x lunch (on day 2), 2 x Dinner

1 Night at Rauni’s lodge – tipi style hut with river view. Shared earth closet outside, bathing at sauna.

  • Late lunch on arrival day ( Karelian buffet)
  • Homemade dinner
  • Breakfast on second morning

1 Night at EräEero’s wildlife observation/photographing hut- With bunk bed, earth closet (no electricity) 

  • Lunch on arrival
  • Night snack
  • Breakfast on second morning

One night in Break Sokos Hotel Koli– Private double room with shower and toilet

  • 3- course dinner on arrival day
  • Breakfast on second day


  • Day 1: Familirizing to huskies. Feed, learn and take part to the daily life of huskies.
  • Day 2: Choose guided hiking, biking or paddling tour. All of the tours include a lunc in nature.
  • Day 3: River rafting with traditional Karelian lunch. 
  • Day 4: Overnight in wild life observing hut
  • Day 5: Koli spa experience

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