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Three National Parks Self-Drive tour – Enjoy the nature ( 7 nights)


This tour is an easily accessible wilderness experience for those who would like to discover pure nature without surviving. A mix of service and self-guiding.

Welcome to North-Karelia, the most east part of Finland, the area that has been source of Kalevala, Finnish national epic. There are about 2000 lakes and two thirds of the area is covered by forest. There are three national parks – Petkeljärvi, Patvinsuo and Koli. In Koli, there is the official Finnish national scene, that has inspired many artists such as Sibelius. In Finland, North-Karelians are famous about their distinctive hospitality and energy. Welcome to spend time in epic nature. Easy activities and nothing to do but wonder, enjoy and learn.

Within this tour, you have time to explore the area in your own peace. Accommodate in personal guest houses, experience the Karelian hospitality and lifestyle. Learn from the local guides and live in touch with nature. Experience the relaxing power of wilderness hut without electricity and running water. Hike and paddle in pristine nature. Sauna bath and enjoy local delicates!


Day 1. Arrival to Joensuu and driving to Möhkö.

Welcome to Joensuu. Pick up your rental car and head to Möhkö village ( approximately 1 hour drive). A beautiful small village with lots of Finnish history, Karelian culture and beautiful nature such as Petkeljärvi national park. Accommodate yourself to a small guest house run by locals. Choose a private room, apartment or shared accommodation according your wishes. Enjoy a local dinner, sauna bath, wonder the nearby nature, chat with locals and just ease.

Day 2. Familiarize to nature -Guided Hiking and Paddlin in Petkeljärvi National Park

Enjoy the home made breakfast and get ready to explore the Patvinsuo National Park with a local guide. Patvinsuo national park offers you lake and esker scenes as well as important Finnish history.

Within 5 hours guided tour you will familiarize to the nature of Petkeljärvi national park from both land and lake sides by hiking and paddling. In the middle of the tour you’ll be served a tasty lunch made by open fire! A local guide is eager to tell you about the nature, local culture and history of the eastern border of Finland.

In the evening, you can explore the Möhkö village that offers you beautiful nature, history and local culture. Enjoy a homemade dinner, sauna bath and refresh in river!

Day 3. Towards Patvinsuo national park - Simple living in nature

Today it is time to move towards Patvinsuo national park and experience wilderness with little comforts. Before starting your approximately 1,5 hours scenic drive you’ll have a traditional Karelian buffet with many local delicates.

Patvinsuo national park offers you beautiful wilderness with swamp, lake and forest scenes. There you’ll accommodate yourself into a wilderness style log hut by beach. There is no electricity or running water. Phones and little devices can be charged in main building close to your accommodation. Drinking water comes from wells and the host of the park will serve you homemade dinner and advice you with sauna bathing. Just enjoy the nature and calming environment with advice of the park host!

Day 4. Fishing experience and exploring Patvinsuo national park

You’ve most likely slept very well in the peaceful environment. Maybe want to start your day with refreshing swim from the sandy beach right in front of your hut? Enjoy a homemade breakfast and get ready for a fishing experience!

A local guide will take you to the best fishing locations of Lake Suomujärvi. On this lake you’ll have a very calm fishing experience as there are no inhabitants around the lake! In addition, motorboats are not allowed in national parks so you can just enjoy the sounds of nature and learn about the fishing culture. At the end of the experience your guide will prepare you a tasty lunch, hopefully made from your own catch!

In the afternoon you can explore the national park in your own peace. There are many well marked routes from 3km to 25km. Just choose the most suitable one for you. In addition, you can rent a rowing boat, kayak or canoe to explore the lake even more.

In the evening you’ll be served a homemade dinner. Enjoy the sauna by lake, swim and just relax.

Day 5. To Koli national Park and national scenes of Finland

Wake up slowly, enjoy breakfast and maybe have a last little walk in the Patvinsuo national park.

Today you’ll head to Koli national park. Accommodate yourself in a cosy farmhouse style guesthouse close to the main scenic views. Enjoy lunch on your way in some of the recommended local restaurants or buy snacks from grocery and enjoy a picnic in nature.

In the evening, you can sauna bath in a traditional outdoor sauna at your accommodation or even pamper yourself in scenic Koli spa!

Day 6. Deeper to the Koli spirit

You’ve probably already familiarized to the Koli national park and maybe visited some of the main viewing points. After breakfast you’ll join a guided tour to learn why Ukko-Koli’s view is called as the national view of Finland. There is lots of interesting history, culture and mythology. A local guide is eager to tell you more, and take you to the most popular viewing points. The tour is made in easy pace, so you have time to take photos and enjoy the spirit!

Afternoon and evening you can enjoy the area according to your own feelings. Rent a bike, canoe or kayak or join some of the additional activities. Eat in some of the local restaurants and just enjoy nature!

Day 7. Slowly return to city life

Get down to the city life and enjoy the easy vibes of small river city, Joensuu. Accommodate in comfortable hotel in the city, do little souvenir shopping, explore the local market and enjoy the cafes and restaurants by the beautiful river.

Day 8. Bye Bye

It is time to return home, or continue adventure with more relaxed mind. Just return your car to Joensuu railway station or airport but take the memories with you!

  • Min. 2 persons
  • Available 15.5.2020 - 7.9.2020


Rental car - unlimited mileage


  • 4 nights in guesthouses, private rooms
  • 2 nights in private wilderness style hut ( outdoor earthcloset, no running water or electricity)
  • 1 night in Hotel


  • Guided 5 hours hiking & paddling tour in Petkeljärvi national park in small group with lunch.
  • Guided 4 hours fishing experience in Patvinsuo national park with lunch in small group.
  • Guided 2,5 hours Koli natinal park tour
  • Sauna experiences daily.


  • Daily breakfast
  • Dinner on days: 1,2,3,4,
  • Lunch on days: 2 and 4

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